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Effective from; 1st January 2018


Medivex Healthcare Ltd – Trading Terms and Conditions



Our Prices 

  1. Our prices are clearly marked on our current price lists dated 2018. Please contact us at sales@medivex.co.nz for an up to date price list for all our products.
  2. Please note that you must be a registered trade customer for this information.
  3. Given the volatility of the NZ Dollar, Medivex reserves the right to amend its prices at any time. If prices change, Medivex will supply an updated price list to all customers.


Format for Product Orders and Invoicing

  1. To avoid any doubt or confusion, we require all product orders to be made in writing preferably via email (or fax), with a clear description for each product of the following: product code; product item name; size; colour (if any); and the quantity. Please contact us if you would like us to provide a Medivex purchase order sheet.
  2. Medivex requires written orders to avoid any doubt and confusion, however if circumstances require that an order is made over the phone, then Medivex will not be held financially liable for an incorrect item being sent.
  3. On receiving a purchase order – written or verbal – Medivex will pack those goods and send them, along with an invoice for those same goods. Our policy is that all goods must be dispatched to the customer with a corresponding invoice.


Delivery of Goods and Freight Costs

  1. Freight will be charged at market prices and is subject to change at any time. Any variation to our policy of charging for freight and / or our freight pricing will have written notification.
  2. The sizes and quantities of the product that Medivex Healthcare Ltd distributes vary, so we are unable to supply standardised rates for freight. All freight is sent via courier, as this allows for proof of delivery. We do not require or ask that goods be signed as received. The customer must contact us if different delivery instructions are required.
  3. We endeavour to ship orders within 24 hours of our receipt of the order. Our target is that the customer will receive the order within 72 hours of them sending the order to us.
  4. In situations where back orders are required, we will notify the customer of this requirement, and advise the customer of delivery timing.


Returns Policy and Fees

Returns are accepted and invoices will be credited against returned goods on the following terms and conditions:

  1. Goods returned must be received at the offices of Medivex Healthcare Ltd within 10 working days of the date that those same goods were dispatched to the customer. Failure to meet this strict requirement will mean that the goods will be sent back to the customer at the customer’s cost; no credit will be given; and, full payment of those goods will be required.
  2. Returned goods must be received at Medivex Healthcare Ltd in their original condition including the original “as new” packaging that was sent. Failure to meet this strict requirement will mean that the goods will be sent back to the customer, at the customer’s cost; no credit will be given; and, full payment of those goods will be required.
  3. Medivex Healthcare Ltd reserves the right to invoice the customer a fee for the administration, credit process and handling of these returned goods, on a “per parcel returned” basis. Any fee will be deducted from the credit applied to the returned goods.  The fee charged for returned goods, effective from 1st of January, 2016, will be as per below:


Number of Returned Items, Per Parcel Returned Medivex Fee – Admin, Credits, and Handling

1 – 4 items

$35.00 + gst

5 or more items

$60.00 + gst


Returns Policy – Discounted Goods and Special Orders

Subject to adherence of the returns policy clauses above:

  1. Neither returns nor exchanges are accepted on discounted promotional items, except when a product is deemed to be faulty.
  2. Neither returns nor exchanges are accepted on any “pre-ordered indent or seasonal product”, unless if a product or style range is deemed to be faulty.
  3. Any product ordered on behalf of a customer that is not from our standard stock items, cannot be returned for any reason, unless faulty.


Ownership of Goods

  1. The customer agrees and accepts that until all of Medivex Healthcare Ltd’s goods are paid in full as per the invoice, then these goods remain the property of:


    Medivex Healthcare Ltd

    Company Number; 3997919

    P.O Box 24341, Royal Oak, 1345


    New Zealand


  1. Unless goods are returned in accordance with our returns policy (within this document) then goods received by the customer will be deemed – and be agreed – by both parties to be sold and therefore come under the full terms and conditions of this agreement. The acceptance and retaining of the invoiced goods, constitutes an agreement and acceptance of our terms and conditions.


Payment Terms

  1. For customers on credit terms, all invoices will be sent at the time of product dispatch, and a monthly statement is sent out at the end of each month.
  2. Payment must be made according to the monthly statement figures.  Medivex must be advised if remittance differs from this.
  3. Payment must be made on or before the 20th of the month following the invoice date, for example: any invoice dated in March must be paid on or before the 20th of the next month – being April.
  4. If payments are not received on time, then they will be liable to incur: (1) any additional collection costs incurred by Medivex Healthcare Ltd as a result of the non or slow payment; and (2) interest at 8% will be charged and automatically added on any outstanding amounts that are overdue by 60 days or more, compounding monthly.


Right to Stop Supply

Medivex Healthcare Ltd reserves its right to cease supply at anytime where accounts and payments remain overdue. Under most circumstances, Medivex will recommence credit supply terms once payments are back up to date and in line with our normal trading terms.


Amendments to our Trading Terms and Conditions

Medivex Healthcare Ltd reserves its right to change the trading terms and conditions at any time, and if Medivex does make any changes, then it will notify its customers of such changes both in writing and by updating the terms as displayed on its website.


Customer Agreement and Acceptance of our Terms and Conditions

By purchasing goods from Medivex Healthcare Ltd, the customer will be deemed to have acknowledged and agreed to all our trading terms and conditions contained within this document, and displayed on our website.



Thank you

The Sales and Customer Services Team

Medivex Healthcare Ltd